Author: awesomekaren

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Tree Service

There are various home improvement projects that can be tackled by almost all homeowners – at the same time however it is important to know your limits!

Of course the more work you can perform yourself the more money you could save.

On the other hand, certain work which has simply not been completed to a professional standard is at worse going not going to have the ultimate effect you intended, and may also need repairing or replacing by a professional.

In the worst-case scenarios, the work could even be dangerous to you and your family. Here then is a list of home renovation projects, or elements that may make up an overall project, which are probably best left to the professionals. read more

Defending Your Territory

If you’ve ever had to deal with tree insects, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. After being in a battle with mine DIY style, I ended up calling a friend/expert to get a rundown on how to defeat them once and for all. After picking his brain I felt more empowered to get rid of them than ever. Check out my research and his advice on dealing with tree insects professionally.

Got wood boring insects? Check out a video below that helped me out a ton.