Traveling around the world is one of a kind experience. You get to experience the culture of other countries, go and see different awesome places, and the most important, you get to have your most awaited adventure trip.

When traveling, the adventure begins the moment when you get out of your bed, going to your destination, arriving at your destination, and actually doing the adventure activities that you have planned. So what is your favorite adventure activity that you like to do?

For me, my favorite is going on a mountain hike. Because you get to be one of nature. You get to see different animals, plants, and trees. You can also feel the real calmness around. Another best feeling is when you have conquered your hike and reached the summit. Every summit’s view is a memory treasure for sure.

So what’s all about this blog then? This blog is where we will post our traveling journey all over the world. So make sure you visit this site often to get fresh and great travel tips that we will be sharing based on what we’ve experienced.

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