Stamped Concrete Explained by a Contractor

Utilizing stamped concrete can be a great way to add a level of individuality to your backyard. With the vast range of stamp mat designs available these days, you are bound to find a design or pattern that is perfect for the overall feel of your backyard.


That being said, stamped concrete can be something of an intimidating field for the home builder or landscaper. Because of the medium it works in – wet concrete – it is quite a difficult, time sensitive skill to master.


For that reason if you are considering utilizing this process in your backyard, you may have a few questions of your own to ask your contractor before they start work. If so, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete stamping – I hope you find it useful!


Image Source: SF Concrete Contractors website

Why Choose Stamped Concrete? Best to get this out the way first, right?! Well for one thing, stamped concrete is a n economical choice, especially when you are planning out a path or walkway in your yard. Natural stone, for example, is expensive both to purchase the basic materials but also in terms of time. Even a skilled laborer is going to take days to lay a pretty basic path. A stamped concrete path will look just as good, and can be completed for a fraction of the cost.

Does it Look as Good as The Real Thing? Yes, quite frankly it can and it does. The stamp mat used to create the patterns themselves are molded off of the real thing. This means, as far as the shape of the print on the concrete it is going to look pretty life like. To achieve the color however, your contractors will likely use some variation of dry shake integrated color powders as well as finishes and other surface applied color agents. The better, higher skilled contractors will be able to utilize better, more realistic colors – so it pays to get the best contractor you can if you want as natural a finish as possible.

Is it Durable? “Yes, exceptionally so. After all, it is concrete, and that is one of the toughest and most durable surfaces out there”, says Derrick the manager at SF’s Indianapolis branch. As a poured medium, there is off course a small chance of cracking after installation. However, good contractors will do their very best to minimize the chances of cracking occurring. Where cracking does occur it will often be minor, and blend in with the overall stamped pattern itself.

Will the Color Fade? Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in this world! You will notice some color fade over time just through the effects of weathering, wear and tear from people walking over the concrete, etc.  This fading can be minimized with regular cleaning and resealing however, and you can expect to get full enjoyment from your stamped concrete surface for many years to come.

Is It Slippery? This could be a consideration if you intend to install the concrete close to, for example, an outdoor swimming pool. Because it is textured, stamped concrete is no more prone to being slippery than natural stone.


Hopefully this has answered a few of your questions and if you’re interested in learning more or have outstanding questions, please visit SF Concrete Contractors’ page on stamped concrete faq’s. It’s got multiple other questions answered just for you.

If not however, or if you require much more elaboration on any of the above points then please contact a local contractor or building company, who will be happy to assist!